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Addressing the Environmental Challenge through Sustainable Supply Chains [+]

Prof. Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes, Centre for Supply Chain Improvement, University of Derby, Kedleston Road Campus, Derby, DE22 1 GB, UK

Over the years, rapid industrialisation around the globe has, on one hand, improved quality of life, whereas on the other hand, it has also had a significant negative effect on our environment. This has contributed to the phenomenon of environmental degradation arguably being one of the biggest challenges currently faced by mankind and the planet. In this scenario, governments, supply chains, organisations, and societies, in general, have tried to take action to address this problem by formulating, developing, implementing and encouraging environmentally friendly policies, technologies, working practices and behaviours. In particular, significant contributions from the operations management field have been made and implemented in the supply chains of various industrial sectors for organisations to not only achieve traditional objectives such as profitability, efficiency, customer satisfaction, quality, and responsiveness but also a better environmental performance. This keynote contribution emphasises the relevance of the environmental degradation challenge and reviews some of the wider concepts that have been proposed and deployed in supply chain operations to tackle it. In particular, the talk delves into the operations management concepts and methodologies that have been proposed and adapted by supply chains to improve the environmental performance of their operations.  







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