22nd IFIP/SOCOLNET Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises

Last COVID Information (09/09/2021)


  • We have the pleasure to confirm PRO-VE'2021 as a physical Conference for all interested attendees (more than 90% are currently registered as physical participants), with the offer of an hybrid organization of PRO-VE'2021 making possible the virtual participation for attendees who really need it.
  • For physical participants Health Pass will be requested at the entrance every day of the Conference (Full Vaccination or valid Test with negative result). You will find more information on the website page 'Covid-19'.
  • We will maintain a necessary flexibility in our decisions and for the participants : in case of a strong change in the sanitary situation and in government regulations, a switch to Full Virtual Conference remains possible. Notably, we will make a precise check in October. To ensure this flexibility for participants, in case of change by the Organization Committee from Physical to Full Virtual Conference, then we would re-imburse the difference of fees to the participants previously registered as on-site attendees.
  • Of course, we will manage carefully the quality of the Hybrid organization. Necessarily, we will have virtual participants: they will be integrated as full interactive participants, thanks to the quality of the solutions implemented.

Thus, we are very happy to receive most of you physically at Mines Saint Etienne and all of you interactively and joyfully at PRO-VE'2021 ! 


In recent years, PRO-VE Conferences have introduced the notion of Collaborative networks 4.0 (CN4.0) as the new generation of collaborative networks, in the era of applied Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation. Meanwhile since last year, the world has encountered major health and economic crises caused by the Corona pandemic, emphasizing that disruptive situations, at different scales, tend to be increasingly frequent, while having strong impact in the society. Smart and digital technologies supporting agility, scalability, resilience, and adaptability, characterize CN 4.0. These properties have become critical features for most sectors of our modern societies, including manufacturing industry and services sectors. CN 4.0 can contribute to building a more resilient and sustainable world.

Agile and sustainable systems and business models, based on open collaborative processes, are not only an answer to the increasing need for customization but can also provide higher resilience, i.e. joint reconfigurations of market-offers, production processes, and consumption patterns, among others. Digitalization of both products and services enable a transition towards a larger vision of value creation: digitalization strengthens research trends on societal impacts and makes it possible to progressively focus on more ecological value chains, based on circular and collaborative economy.

Combined with the current boom of applied Artificial Intelligence and learning, Collaborative Networks show high potentials to boost Industry 4.0. But digitalization also concerns many other activity sectors where agility, resilience, and sustainability are key challenges, e.g. the Health 4.0, Agriculture 4.0, Cities 4.0, Transportation 4.0, Logistics 4.0, Education 4.0, and even Tourism 4.0. With an eye on this diversity of application fields, PRO-VE 2021 will provide a forum for sharing experiences, discussing trends, and identifying new opportunities, thus introducing innovative solutions for the new generation of Smart and Sustainable Collaborative Networks 4.0.




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