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Multi-Disciplinary Understanding of Industry 4.0 in Supply Chain Networks and Using Digital Technology for Resilience Management [-]

Prof. Dmitry Ivanov, HWR Berlin (Berlin School of Economics and Law), Chairman of IFAC TC 5.2.

While Industry 4.0 has been trending in practice and research, supply chain engineering and management studies in this area remain nascent. In the first part or our talk, we present the results of a large-scale, cross-disciplinary and global survey on Industry 4.0 topics among researchers in industrial engineering, operations management, operations research, control and data science whose intent is to understand the current state of research in Industry 4.0 in different disciplines and deduce insights and opportunities for future research. In the second part of our talk, we discuss fundamental theoretical constructs and practical applications to engineer and manage supply chain networks at the times of Industry 4.0. In particular, we debate about digital twins, digital platforms, structure dynamics control, intertwined supply networks, supply chain ecosystems, viable and reconfigurable supply chains to manage resilience and ripple effects using examples of the COVID-19 pandemic.







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