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Architecting can orient for smart and sustainable system solutions [-]

Jean-Luc Garnier, Thales Group, Director for Systems Engineering and Architecting Director for Thales Technical Directorate, President of the French Chapter of INCOSE.

Architecting activities allow expressing, on one hand, requests, expectations, needs or reluctances regarding a situation including an entity of interest, with definition of concerns, viewpoints and acceptance criteria of the stakeholders; and, on the other hand, fundamental concepts or properties of this entity of interest in its environment, with governing principles and processes over its related life cycle. These activities support a collaborative decision making process by nature; nevertheless, the architects are mandated by organizations having their strategies, their business models and following regulatory constraints. Consequently, the Architectures shall take into account the enterprise objectives, policies, organization, ethical considerations, cultural aspects, standards, laws and other matters. As illustrated with examples within this keynote, architectures define the solution space for the whole set of life cycle processes sustaining the entity of interest for the benefits of the stakeholders with consideration of their activities and long-term quality of life in an evolving context. In the past, the Architecting effort mainly focused on the quality of the delivered products. Nowadays, new trends are to consider the concepts of usage, sustainability, resilience and trustworthiness of the solutions where the systems take place.








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